Wedding band jewelry trends

Wedding band jewelry trends

Wedding band jewelry trends

Picking out wedding bands is something that every newly engaged couple looks forward to! While before, couples may have wanted to pick out matching bands and something that matched the engagement ring, that is not always the case now! Wedding rings have their own set of trends that couples can choose to follow or not.

Our wedding bands Omaha NE jewelry experts go over some of the top trends of the year below. 

1. Classic gold

A rich and vibrant yellow gold is the most requested metal for wedding rings, looking amazing on all skin types! This is a classic choice that has made a popular resurgence in the past few years. Going in theme with a “timeless” choice, getting just a simple gold band is trending. It goes with any style engagement ring and is a very traditional choice. 

2. Fancy shaped diamond bands

Traditionally, if a wedding band had any diamonds, they were micro pave diamonds that were embedded into the band or small rounds, but nowadays, fancy cut diamond bands are trending. Fancy shaped diamonds are any diamond shape that is not a round brilliant diamond. For example, emerald cut diamond eternity bands with stones encircling the entire ring lay flush against the finger and complement most setting styles. 

3. Stacking 

Another trend that our wedding bands Omaha NE jewelry experts are seeing more of is bridal stacking jewelry. While usually when ring shopping, brides-to-be would search for just one perfect band, now they are searching for two or three. These rings are usually cohesive and can be worn as a stack altogether, showing off someone's unique style. It provides a lot of sparkle, showcases individuality and has been all the rage on Pinterest boards. The options are truly endless when it comes to stacking wedding bands. 

4. Twisted bands

Twisted bands are rings that look like two rings intertwined and twisted together. This can be a beautiful symbolic ring that shows the romantic side of your relationship and intertwining yourself with your partner forever – two lives coming together as one. This trend can be done with a plain metal twist or even a twisted band of tiny diamonds. This wedding ring trend adds dimension to the ring stack and is stunning next to any engagement ring design. 

5. Mixing metals 

Mixing metals is trending throughout the jewelry industry as a whole, but especially in wedding bands and ring sets. How do you mix metals for your wedding band? You can pair a yellow gold band with a white gold engagement ring, or mix a rose gold band with a yellow gold ring and so on. Two different color bands are very popular and another way to keep your bridal stack fresh. This trend can even be seen in mens wedding bands. Our wedding bands Omaha NE jewelry experts see two different metals within the same ring for men’s wedding bands. These two-tone bands are a fashion statement any man can rock.  

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