What jewelry to get to celebrate your relationship milestones!

What jewelry to get to celebrate your relationship milestones!

What jewelry to get to celebrate your relationship milestones!

So you’ve reached a milestone in your relationship, and you want to make sure that your special someone knows just exactly how much it means to you to have reached this step. There is not a more perfect way to say I appreciate and cherish you and our time together quite like a new piece of jewelry. 

However, the question of what piece of jewelry should you get arises. Luckily our 14 Karat jewelry experts are great at helping you to find the ultimate gift for whatever milestone you may be reaching. 

When you officially become an item

Whether you just started dating a few weeks ago, or it's been a few months, and you realize you don’t want to date other people, you can get jewelry to commemorate the decision. It does not have to be a lot of money, but something cute that symbolizes your relationship. Maybe you get her an initial necklace that has both of your first name letters on it, or earrings with the gemstone that corresponds with the month you started dating. It can just be something simple that says you are excited about the journey you two are beginning. 

When you realize they’re the one

When you first realize they are the one, you might be tempted to go out and purchase an engagement ring, but find that the timing doesn’t work quite yet. Whether it is because of age, finances or emotionally you don’t feel prepared to take that particular step, a promise ring is the perfect way to show you want forever. Our 14 Karat jewelry experts say that your promise ring can symbolize that you take the relationship seriously, you plan on proposing in the future or it can mean something different that you both decide on. 

The morning of your wedding

Most couples are so excited about their big day and it is not unusual for them to want to exchange gifts the morning of their wedding. This gift can be big or small depending on the couple’s preference, but it never hurts to go with something sparkly she can wear as she walks down the aisle. Consider talking with a bridesmaid or her mother to make sure you are getting earrings or a necklace that compliments her dress! 

First Anniversary

While your first anniversary may be the year of paper, it’s also traditional to give something made of gold! Since gold is a precious metal, it is supposed to symbolize the precious memories you have made together in your first year of marriage. Our 14 Karat jewelry experts recommend going with some elegant gold hoops or a golden diamond bracelet to commemorate the first of many anniversary celebrations. 

First Child

Once you welcome your first child into the world, it is not uncommon for the woman to receive a “push gift.” This can help your wife to feel beautiful amongst diaper changes and midnight wake up calls. Getting a piece of jewelry with the newborn's birthstone is an exceptional gift. 

10 Year anniversary

While every anniversary is a reason to celebrate, 10 years is another big milestone you don’t want to miss! 10 years calls for a significant gift. Our 14 Karat jewelry experts recommend getting a third diamond band that she can add to her bridal ring set. This ring is nicknamed as “eternity ring,” because it can help cement the forever aspect of your relationship. 

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