Winter jewelry care

Winter jewelry care

Winter jewelry care

Everything in the winter requires a bit more care, from your car to your home, your body and your jewelry. Winter has its own risks when it comes to caring for fine jewelry. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure your jewelry stays in tip-top shape!

Most jewelry wearers know how to properly care for their jewelry all year round, but we wanted to make sure you had a refresher on winter care. These five tips from your private jewelers Omaha will help you be able to enjoy and wear your jewelry all winter long.

Make sure your jewelry fits properly

This is especially important for engagement rings and other statement rings. The cold weather makes your fingers constrict, thus causing rings to fall off. You can avoid this by doing the shake test; shake your hand and if it falls off, it’s too loose, if it stays on, you’re good. You can always visit your private jewelers Omaha for ring sizing if needed!

Be careful when putting on winter accessories

Ring prongs can snag on mittens and gloves, causing the diamond or other gemstone to loosen within the prongs. Be careful when putting on and taking off your winter accessories. Pay attention to your rings to ensure the diamond or stone is always secure and in place.

Be cautious when wearing a knit sweater

Loose knit sweaters can easily get caught on necklaces, earrings and even rings. Necklace clasps can get stuck in the knitting while wearing, and earrings can get pulled from your lobe while putting your clothes on. The same goes for rings, be cautious when putting on the arm of the sweater. Try putting on your sweater before your jewelry, and always make sure your earrings and necklaces are fastened properly.

Participate in winter activities without your jewelry on

Snowboarding, skiing and sledding are all fun winter activities. However, they become less fun when jewelry is lost or damaged in the process. Take off your fine jewelry and engagement rings when participating in these activities. Store them properly by putting them somewhere they are safe and secure, whether it be in your home or a safe in the hotel at your resort.

Get your pieces insured

It’s never a bad idea to have your fine jewelry insured, especially your engagement ring. If something were to happen, you can rest easy knowing that you have insurance. Nobody wants to go through the process of replacing their pieces, but it’s way better than taking a total loss.

Ask your private jewelers Omaha any questions

If you have any other specific questions about winter care for your fine jewelry and engagement ring, don’t hesitate to ask us! We’re here to help, and we care about your jewelry just as much as you do. Stop in our store on Wright Plaza in the Shops of Legacy, or contact us via our website or social media!