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The history of the diamond as an engagement ring

Discover the history of diamond engagement rings!

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Diamond spotlight: heart cut

Learn all about the heart cut diamond!

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Understanding the Four Cs of diamonds

Learn all about the 4 Cs of diamonds!

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Diamond Spotlight: Radiant Cut

Get to know the radiant cut diamond.

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Guide to promise rings

Here's how to pick the perfect promise ring. 

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Diamond Spotlight: Cushion Cut Diamonds

Learn all about cushion cut diamonds. 

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Going engagement ring shopping as a couple

Our engagement rings Nebraska experts go over some of the top reasons why you should go engagement ring shopping as a couple

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2022 engagement ring trends

These are some of the biggest 2022 engagement ring trends you can expect to see this year.

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Reasons to love an east-west engagement ring

While halo settings had their time in the sun in 2021, east-west settings have come to town and are ready for their turn to shine. 

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Picking the perfect last-minute gift

With Christmas only a few days away, there may not be time to go store to store, but if there’s one present every woman wants, it’s jewelry.

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